Jacinda Studham

Property Investment Manager

Jacinda has had the advantage of being a landlord and a tenant herself, giving her the unique perspective to ensure she treats her clients in a manner in which she would like to be treated.

With over 5 years experience in property management and a total of 15 years employment within customer service, demonstrating that customer service is a high priority of hers, delivering fantastic service time and time again. She takes the time to recognise her clients real estate needs and to ensure they feel satisfied and confident throughout the entire process.

Jacinda’s key to success lies in her ability to communicate effectively and to multitask. This ensures that she administers her responsibilities in an efficient and timely manner. While her friendly, approachable manner combined with her vast knowledge and reliability, ensures that her clients consistently feel confident and assured in her abilities which then leads to an excellent outcome for all parties.

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We found Jacinda terrific to deal with whilst she was property manager overseeing the house that we were renting at the time. She was always professional, polite and respectful of the fact that it was our home. She handled negotiations between the various parties, the owner, her agency and ourselves in a professional and helpful manner and was able to address any concerns we had promptly with a great attention to detail that conveyed that she took her role seriously.

Annalisa Christiansen

I would definitely recommend Jacinda Studham. Jacinda was very helpful with providing information and explained the process in a way that showed her expertise. She talked us through the steps and explained the different areas in town and what each area had to offer. Others didn’t enquire about our situation and family needs. Jacinda understood and asked questions of us that I would like asked if it was my property being rented. Jacinda has continued to be friendly and professional, it is a tough job in the management of rental properties, and she has excelled with communication, timely responses and her local knowledge which gave us the confidence to make a decision regarding which property would be right for us.

D Granzow - Tenant